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We got to work with Richard, and it was clear to us he had experience and confidence in our case. We were impressed also by the speed, regularity and efficiency in the communications we had.

ELS Legal Quadruple Turnover In 2015

July 2015

London based solicitors ELS Legal are celebrating strong growth in recent years and are today announcing an increase in turnover of 466% in the last three years. 2015 has been a particularly strong year for ELS Legal with the Partner of the firm, Richard Spector securing two major deals –  firstly the collaboration and global  partnership with Chinese law firm Hao Tai and secondly being approved as a due diligence partner for the GXG stock exchange. Additionally, ELS Legal relaunched their brand with a new logo, website and an office makeover.

ELS Legal specialises in commercial litigation across a number of sectors which often involves international elements. Following a former senior partner committing fraud in 2012, Richard had a difficult challenge in restoring ELS Legal’s reputation to what it is today.

Richard Spector says, ‘There was a point just after I had discovered that a former senior partner had committed fraud when I faced two choices. Start afresh with a new untainted brand or commit the company to restoring the reputation of ELS. We elected to follow the second route. It was a harder route and involved a lot of learning, but the success in seeing it grow and the brand resurrected  as been all the sweeter as a result.’

Richard’s commitment to quality in client service, technical expertise and teamwork has meant the
business is now expanding with new service areas and new legal experts being recruited.

This year’s turnover figures (before WIP adjustments) are just under £2 million at £1,832,341.40
which represents considerable growth considering the turnover was £323,928 in 2012.

Notes To Editors:


  • ELS Legal is based in the City of London.
  • ELS Legal is a law firm specialising in litigation, tax, property and corporate law.
  • ELS believe in the traditional values of client service, transparency, honest advice and long
    lasting close relationships with clients.
  • ELS Legal have extensive knowledge in international or “transnational” litigation with
    disputes among businesses/or individuals residing or based in different countries.
  • www.els-law.co.uk

Richard Spector – Partner

  • Richard, 34, specialises in commercial litigation across a number of sectors and has acted in
    a number of high profile cases. He was heavily involved in what should happen to the
    money left in Lehman’s client pool.
  • Richard has also been involved in a number of cross border litigation cases and is currently
    acting on a $70,000,000 claim in the high court for a hotel and resorts company.

For further press information on ELS Legal LLP please contact:

Charlotte Belle Tobin on charlotte.tobin@edencancan.com / (0)203 745 6960
Sarah Nagy on sarah.nagy@edencancan.com / (0)203 745 6960
Nick Fulford on nick.fulford@edencancan.com / (0)203 745 6960

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ELS Legal is an international law firm based in London with more than 50 partner offices across the world. As part of the Cathay Associates global legal network, we are the first choice law firm for a number of British businesses and overseas clients.


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