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ELS Legal Partners with Criminal Specialist Barrister to Offer Private Prosecution Service

Following a number of exciting moves for us in 2015, we at ELS Legal are pleased to now be offering a Private Prosecution Service. By partnering with an expert in criminal law, barrister Jeremy Rosenberg, this new service will be available to all current, new and future clients.

See video below: What is a Private Prosecution

Our decision to offer this new Private Prosecution Service is in reaction to the increased demand across the UK for such an offering, and particularly following the recent Libor Scandal. In recent years the private individual or a company have increasingly wanted to pursue someone using the Criminal Justice System – a common law right that is now enshrined by statute. More and more individuals and companies wish to prosecute a person or company via Criminal Justice System without having to go through a public body such as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

We are now one of the few law firms in the UK who specialise in Private Prosecutions, and are vastly experienced in civil litigation and have the most accomplished understanding of the Criminal Justice System. Using the knowledge and skills of criminal barristers such as Jeremy Rosenberg, our dedicated and pro-active department will be able to see clients through every part of the process – from initial enquiry to case completion. We also offer a full advice service and an effective and pro-active strategy for those facing a private prosecution.

There has been a particular rise in the need of a Private Prosecution Service for the banking and financial community. Bankers are directly at risk because they are high profile and have assets to be targeted. Bankers now operate in an increasingly regulated and hostile environment and can clearly be targeted by individuals and companies who wish not only to pursue them in the civil courts but also are at a growing risk of private prosecution. This is a rapidly growing area of practice within the criminal field and is an added risk to regular law enforcement.

See video below: Are bankers at risk?

Barrister Jeremy Rosenberg has excelled at all levels of the Criminal Justice System successfully defending clients in the Youth Court, Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court. Having acted in some of the largest fraud cases in the UK, Jeremy has extensive experience of fraud, confiscation, restraint and asset forfeiture along with the full spectrum of criminal offences, and we are thrilled to now be working with him on our exciting new venture for 2015.

Richard Spector, ELS Legal Partner says, ‘There has been a significant rise in the amount of private prosecutions over the past few years – demand is only increasing which has led to an emergence of a new legal marketplace. Private prosecutions can be run alongside civil litigation and it is great to add another string to our bow. We want to be part of this growing sector and working with renowned criminal barrister Jeremy Rosenberg enables us to do this quickly and effectively. We are happy to be a firm with growing expertise and are happy to adapt to the changes in needs of the client. We believe this development will only help ELS Legal cement its position as one of the UK’s leading, progressive and established medium-sized law firms.’

Jeremy Rosenberg, Criminal Barrister comments, ‘Collaborating with ELS Legal and Richard is a very exciting move for me personally. As a practising barrister seeing the rise and need in private prosecutions, particularly amongst the economic and financial community, I am thrilled we can now offer this very niche but vital service in the UK. This partnership is a winning formula combining years of legal expertise so I’m looking forward to working with Richard and his team on this new and exciting legal specialism.’

For further information on ELS Legal’s Private Prosecution Service, please contact richard@els-law.co.uk

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