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Supreme Court rejects News Group’s defamation appeal

The Supreme Court has refused News Group the right to appeal a defamation claim which saw Tommy Sheridan awarded £200,000 in damages.

The appeal reverts back to a 2006 judgment between the now-defunct News of the World newspaper and the former leader of the Scottish Socialist party and Glasgow MSP, Tommy Sheridan.

Mr Sheridan was awarded £200,000 in damages after a civil court ruled that the newspaper had run untrue stories about his private life.

But just weeks later an investigation was launched into allegations of perjury by Mr Sheridan, who was charged and sentenced to three years imprisonment.

News Group asked the Supreme Court to set aside the 2006 civil jury verdict, which has now been rejected.

Bringing an end to the 11-year claim, the Supreme Court said News Group has failed to “raise an arguable point of law of general public importance”

“The Court ordered that permission to appeal be refused because the application does not raise an arguable point of law of general public importance, which ought to be considered at this time, bearing in mind that the case has already been the subject of judicial decision and reviewed on appeal,” it said in its judgment.

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