About us

Success based on mixing the old with the new

ELS Legal is a legal firm based in the City of London. We are located in the historic and traditional street of Ely Place near Holborn. Established in 1290, Ely Place is today the home of many modern and forward looking legal firms. The road is also unique in London as it is managed by individuals called ‘Beadles’ who have held this title since 1842.

The reason we like to talk about the past of Ely Place is that it reflects our approach of mixing traditional values with a modern approach.

So, we believe in the traditional values of client service, transparency, honest advice and long lasting close relationships with our clients. Whilst also taking a modern and flexible approach. For example, we will use the full spectrum of the law in order to find a solution for our clients and we are happy to discuss performance billing.

As a result of this philosophy, our clients come away knowing that they have received the best service possible, and we continue to grow year on year.

ELS Legal understands the pressures and concerns individuals and businesses have when it comes to their legal needs. Whether we are instructed by private clients or large companies, we put the same determination and legal skills into our work, which is evident in the results we achieve.

We have extensive knowledge in international or “transnational” litigation with disputes among businesses/or individuals residing or based in different countries.

For a confidential discussion of your issue please contact us on 020 7269 5120 enquiry@els-law.co.uk