We offer our clients clear and open legal advice to achieve the best results possible.

Our services cover:

  • mediation & arbitration
  • dispute resolution
  • banking & insolvency
  • asset recovery & fraud
  • libel & defamation
  • professional negligence
  • group actions

Mediation and Arbitration

Our Arbitration and Mediation legal service offers parties a private legal Mediation forum within which to resolve disputes. Many corporate companies and small businesses prefer arbitration to more public court legal proceedings. Our approach to the resolution of legal disputes is to provide strategic and commercial legal advice within the agreed or most appropriate legal dispute resolution process.

Dispute Resolution

We have significant legal experience in international and cross-border dispute resolution, advising our clients on strategy with technical legal expertise and experience to ensure that they achieve the best legal outcome in the most cost effective manner.

Banking and Insolvency

In 2009 ELS were selected by the administrators of the collapsed Lehman Brothers to represent the interests of Lehman’s customers who had segregated monies in Lehman’s client account at the time of its collapse. We represented these customers during a four week trial at the high court (possibly the largest and most complex insolvency directions hearing the court had ever heard) and received much recognition for our impressive work.
As a result of this, our knowledge and experience in banking and insolvency law is second-to-none.

Asset Recovery and Fraud

Recent years have seen a huge increase in fraud on a global scale. Many fraud cases can often involve several jurisdictions and countries, and there is the rapid increase in fraud conducted online. ELS Legal have an exceptional team of Fraud and Asset Recovery Lawyers with a wealth of international asset recovery law experience within this area of law. We have been involved in important international disputes spanning Europe, Asia and the USA, and have extensive knowledge and experience of tracing assets and applying for freezing injunctions.

Libel and Defamation

ELS Legal assist clients with libellous or defamatory issues both in the UK and worldwide. Our services cover traditional broadcast and print, as well as online publications and social media. Where it is not possible to stop publication in advance, ELS Legal is able to influence the material that is published, often working in close conjunction with the client’s public relations advisers. While litigation should always be a last resort, ELS Legal will secure (often in a matter of hours) court injunctions prohibiting publication, particularly of private information. When false or intrusive material has already been published or broadcast, ELS Legal is able to act quickly to have it removed or corrected, or to otherwise take steps to reduce the visibility of the material online.

Professional Negligence

Professional negligence is a complex area of law requiring specific litigation experience and expertise. Unfortunately clients are often wrongly advised by their professional advisers which causes them loss. It is possible to bring a claim against these advisers who will normally have a professional indemnity insurance policy that can respond to such claims. The Professional Negligence team at ELS Legal is driven, robust and has excellent expertise in the area.

Group Action

In many cases legal action that would be difficult, expensive or even impossible to bring about for an individual, is much more likely to succeed for a group. We have experience in group action for all areas, including corporate disputes, tax disputes, property disputes and professional negligence.

Flexible Funding

Funding is one of the largest obstacles to dispute resolution because it can cost huge sums of money to launch a claim.

We offer a range of funding alternatives and fixed fee services. We will consider a variety of funding arrangements such as Performance Billing arrangements. We work with you to ensure that the case you have is sufficiently strong with the potential outcome sufficiently high to make sure it is a worthwhile approach for you and the ELS team

A popular and faster choice for many legal disputes is our Fixed Fee Mediation service. This provides a cap on both time and money, an approach often valued by clients in today’s economic climate. Mediation is often an effective way of resolving a dispute and the Fixed Fee Mediation service allows this to be done at an agreed low cost.

We are committed to ensuring that you have a clear understanding of costs before you choose to proceed with any claim.