Private Prosecution

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Whether initiating a Private Prosecution or protecting a client from a Private Prosecution, few legal firms operating in the UK have our level of expertise in this emerging area.

Many people believe that it is only the British government via the Crown Prosecution Service that can bring criminal charges to court using a Public Prosecution. However, it’s actually possible for an individual or company, if they feel they are the victim of a crime, to pursue someone using the criminal justice system via a Private Prosecution. Those bringing a Private Prosecution will need to have evidence that they have been the victim of a crime and proof that it is in the public interest to pursue the case.

Often individuals and companies turn to Private Prosecutions because hard-pressed public organisations lack the budgets or skills to bring a prosecution to court. In cases of high complication, typically involving ‘white collar crime,’ a Private Prosecution is seen as a better route to ensuring justice is achieved and can also help to speed up a case if it is brought to court privately.

This approach is different from making a traditional financial ‘claim’ through the civil courts as it involves using the criminal courts. Using a Private Prosecution is common when attempting to not only seek financial redress but also when ensuring that the recipient of a Private Prosecution receives a criminal sanction and that a fair punishment is delivered.

ELS Legal is one of the few agencies in the UK to have experience in both defending and initiating Private Prosecutions. Our service is particularly appreciated by individuals working within the complex financial services sector who have, in recent years, witnessed a substantial increase in prosecutions directed at bankers and other financial sector professionals.

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