Tax planning and UK Tax Law is a vital area for most of our clients and an area of our business that is growing rapidly.

We advise on

  • Individual Tax Planning
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • HMRC Tax Investigations
  • UK VAT advice
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Inheritance Tax

We have an experienced team of tax planning lawyers who can assist on every level of tax planning, whether corporate tax planning or tax planning for the individual.

From preparing annual Tax Returns to putting in place sophisticated structures for Tax Investments or Trusts, mitigating tax liabilities helping our clients reap the benefits of forward thinking Tax Planning so that their Tax Liability is kept to a minimum – both now and for future generations.

We can provide comprehensive tax planning advice in the fields of corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax in order to maximise reliefs.

We also help private clients to structure their business activities and tax planning strategies to ensure that they work tax efficiently.

Family Tax Planning

We recognise our clients need to maximise tax reliefs, utilise exemptions for works of art, understand heritage property and get expert advice on inheritance tax, as well as funding expected liabilities and making gifts to children and grandchildren. Whatever your tax planning needs, we can ensure you receive independent advice regarding all your options. We help individuals and families to plan and safeguard their family’s financial future through the use of wills, powers of attorney, lifetime giving and trusts.

Corporate Tax

Clients need to understand every aspect of their company’s compliance obligations regarding corporate tax and we can go further to find your company tax savings. Tax laws can often be confusing in the UK, but when your business has international operations, it’s often even harder to understand. Research & Development have corporate tax implications. Salary sacrifice schemes are cashless employee benefits that are often wholly or partly exempt from PAYE and NICs. The employer also benefits by not having to pay employers NI.


UK Tax legislation is one of the most complicated in the world, with VAT making up one of more complex areas. We have experience in providing effective UK VAT advice and practical solutions to VAT issues, to help you realise significant cost savings and if you or your business have underpaid tax, either unintentionally through simple error or deliberately by understating or failing to declare earnings, you can make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC to rectify the situation.

HMRC Investigations & Enquiries

ELS assists clients who are or have previously been under a HMRC stamp duty or tax investigation. We have worked with a number of clients whose “tax advisors” have advised incorrectly on Stamp Duty schemes. We independently advise and guide purchasers who have used Stamp Duty schemes through the HMRC investigation process to get the best possible outcome for the purchasers.